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By Bob Marovich

One might think that the gospel highway is well paved for the Chicago-born Wilson, now living in Houston. But if you listen closely to the lyrics on So Proud, you’ll hear something to the contrary. In fact, several songs on the new album find Wilson head bowed, affirming his faith in the midst of the frustrations and anxiety he experienced transitioning from the financial certainty of a successful career in pharmaceutical sales to the uncertainty of life as a gospel singer.

Immigration and The Gospel
By Russell D. Moore

‘I’m amazed when I hear evangelical Christians speak of undocumented immigrants in this country with disdain as “those people” who are ‘draining our health care and welfare resources.’ It’s horrifying to hear those identified with the gospel speak, whatever their position on the issues, with mean-spirited disdain for the immigrants themselves. This is a gospel issue.’

latoshaPLUS: LATOSHA BROWN's new album, Hope, Heartbreak and Healing, produced by Mark Gowden, is scheduled for release this coming spring. While in the studio, Ms. Brown led the assembled musicians in an impromptu, stirring rendition of ‘I Know I’ve been Changed,’ which took all of about 15 minutes. Released as a video podcast, that moment has now racked up more than one million views and raising hopes that Ms. Brown’s new album could be her big breakout moment. Also, Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the Seventh Day, the second film in Bishop T.D. Jakes’s Woman Thou Art Loosed franchise, had its world premiere as the closing attraction at the Pan African Film Festival on February 19, and is heading for an April 13 release in select AMC independent locations nationwide.


dorindaDORINDA CLARK-COLE, I Survived--The strongest voice of the Clark Sisters and an artist whose vocal assist has vaulted more than one gospel single up the charts, Dorinda Clark-Cole scores with her latest solo release, I Survived. Throughout the album, the stylish and seasoned gospel singer keeps the vibe traditional, regardless of whether the selection is contemporary, urban R&B or P&W.


proudBRIAN COURTNEY WILSON, So Proud--Without a doubt, Brian Courtney Wilson is one of gospel’s best new balladeers. His soulful way with a song places him alongside fellow sacred crooners Bebe Winans and Rev. Paul Morton. On So Proud, Wilson looks back and chronicles the emotional rollercoaster of his musical journey, and especially the faith it took to keep moving forward, with Sunday morning-style lessons for the listener.

processISAAC SIMPSON & DIVINE PROVIDENCE, The Process--The Process is a satisfying album of hard-hitting and muscular P&W, contemporary ballads, gospel singing and bench-shaking choral numbers. The ensemble follows the same diverse strategy in its lyric content, balancing vertical praise songs with selections about encouragement, hope and deliverance.


jackyeeJACKYEE, Broken But Perfected For My Purpose--Elizabeth Kubler-Ross led us through the various stages of death. On Broken but Perfected for My Purpose, Jackyee leads us through the various stages of rebirth. Not rebirth as in reincarnation, but religious rebirth is the thread binding Jacqueline “Jackyee” Carter’s clever concept album together.


reedyJESSICA REEDY, From The Heart--From the Heart is a bounteous blessing of musical riches. Packed with songs about good times, bad times and praise times, Light Records couldn’t have made a better debut album for Jessica Reedy than this one.


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