march 2011

branscombI’LL TAKE LOVE: FROM THE PEN OF LOUISA BRANSCOMB--One of the most recorded songwriters in contemporary bluegrass, Louisa Branscomb’s songs of love and loss get a simply awesome showcase in this collection of various artists’ interpretations of her tunes.

justin-haighJUSTIN HAIGH, People Like Me--Born and raised in South Dakota, muscular voiced Justin Haigh (pronounced Haig) migrated to Texas in 2006 and began honing his music with producer Lew Curatolo and making a name for himself as a strong live performer. Those who have been fortunate enough to see those shows are going to be impressed that his followup to 2006’s Pale Horse Rider (and to 2009’s cool single, “A Real Good Year For Beer”) captures the artist’s live energy and serves as a splendid showcase for his sensitivities as a songwriter and interpreter; those new to Haigh’s music are going to feel like they’ve stumbled upon the next big thing.

lafleurDAVID LAFLEUR, Them Bones…--Charles Town, West Virginia’s David LaFleur says his new album, Them Bones…, represents a plumbing of his two decades-plus history as a folk-blues artist with the aim of assembling a repertoire of traditional and original songs refurbished and enhanced with the assistance of a tight, mostly acoustic ensemble of percussion, mandolin, cello, organ and piano, plus some background singers here and there. He done good.

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