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By: Richard N Mitchell, MD, PhD

  • Lawrence J. Henderson Professor of Pathology and Health Sciences and Technology, Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School, Staff Pathologist, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts


As a result of hypothesis test antibiotics for acne adults purchase cefurox 250mg on-line, the experimental group who received the cervical cancer screening program compared to bacteria 7th grade science cheap cefurox 500 mg without a prescription the control group antibiotics before surgery buy cefurox 500mg, has statistically meaningful 1) increase of the perceived sensitivity and 2) decrease of the perceived barriers among cervical cancer screening health beliefs virus that causes hives 500 mg cefurox with visa. Through this, it can be concluded that the cervical cancer prevention education program developed by this study is a highly effective customized education program for promoting cervical cancer prevention behavior of Vietnamese married immigrant women. In the future, we hope that this educational program will be actively deployed to 5. Disparities in cervical cancer screening between Asian American and NonHispanic white women. Effects of a culturally sensitive education program on the breast cancer knowledge and beliefs of Hispanic women. Increasing Pap smear utilization among samoan women: Results from a community based participatory randomized trial. A randomized controlled trial of interventions to promote cervical cancer screening among Chinese women in North America. Community health worker intervention to decrease cervical cancer disparities in Hispanic women. Adaptation and testing of instruments to measure cervical cancer screening factors among Vietnamese immigrant women. Knowledge about cervical cancer, health beliefs and human papillomavirus vaccination rate in female university students. Effect of peer educational program to promote cervical cancer prevention behaviors 10. Knowledge and health beliefs about cervical cancer among husbands married to immigrant Women. Screening and perceived severity of cervical cancer among women attending Mahalapye district hospital, botswana. Health beliefs associated with cervical cancer screening among Vietnamese Americans. Development of Reproductive Health Program and Identification of Effect for Married Women Immigrants. Development of an educational program to prevent cervical cancer among immigrants in Korea. Effective lay health worker outreach and media-based education for promoting cervical cancer screening among Vietnamese American women. Department of Beauty and Cosmetic Science, Eulji University, Seongnam 13135, Korea, Professor, Dept. Department of K-Beauty Industry Fusion, Konkuk University Continuing Education Center, Seoul 05029, Korea, 3Professor, Department of Biological Engineering, Konkuk University, Seoul 05029, Korea, 4 Professor, Dept. Lately, due to an increase in hair loss population, various chemically synthesized products for hair loss prevention or treatment have been commercialized in the market. In order to prevent such adverse effects, this study aimed to develop a natural substance and utilize a tool that aids its transdermal delivery. The scalp treatment was performed for 10 weeks with one 30-min turn per week, resulting in 10 turns in total. The same home care products including shampoo and conditioner were distributed to all participants for use during the entire period of experiment. Hair density, hair thickness, effect on scalp improvement, and hairline distance were measured using a scalp diagnostic device (Kong Scope, Korea) and a measuring tape before, 5 weeks after, and 10 weeks after the experiment. Findings: In the results, all three groups showed increase in hair density and thickness and a decrease in frontal hairline distance at both hairlines, 10 weeks after the experiment. Furthermore, majority of the participants showed clean scalps with new hair growths 10 weeks after the experiment. Furthermore, the satisfaction survey Corresponding Author: Gyu-Ri Kim Professor, Dept. Department of Beauty and Cosmetic Science, Eulji University Seongnam 13135, Korea e-mail: whiteapple80@hanmail. Introduction the external and mental stress from hair loss negatively affect the quality of life, interpersonal relationship, and daily social life of individuals. An increase in the number of hair loss population leads to an increase in the population that have suffered from hair loss-related symptoms as well. Therefore, creating demands for hair and scalp health products and treatments such as hair transplantation. Also, there was a slight decrease in number from 208,688 in 2014 to 208,534 in 2015 and a significant increase from 212,916 in 2016 to 215,025 in 2017[1]. Recently, there have been several studies and clinical trials that evaluate the efficacy of natural extracts on hair growth, for instance,cultured wild ginseng roots which was proven to facilitate hair loss prevention, hair growth, dandruff control, and have antibacterial properties[2]. A damage to its stem causes a leak of Chineseinklike black liquid which can be used to dye beard or hair black and to grow hair, a method used by the ancients asstated in Uibangyuchwi, the biggest oriental medicine encyclopedia. Ithas various names such as Yejangcho, Mukallyeon, Mukttucho, Mukcho, Mugyeoncho, Hallyeonpul, and Haryeoncho. In Sinsuboncho, it is named as Eopungjang and in Dogyengboncho as Hallyeonja, which is its generic name. Inoriental medicine, Eclipta prostrata is characterized to have a spicy and salty taste and a warm property[5, 6]. The entire body of Eclipta prostrata plant contains active ingredients such as saponin, nicotine, tannin, vitamin A, ecliptine, and thiophene compounds while its leaves containwedelolactone and desmethylwedelolactone-7glucoside[7]. Of these, nicotine and wedelolactone have been known to cause the dark coloringof the liquid. One study stated that Eclipta prostrata can be used for management of inflammation[8]. Recently,both desmethyl-wedelolactone and wedelolactone were isolated from the leaf extract[9] and 2-[butadiin-(1,3)-yl]5-[buten-(3)-in-(1)-yl]-thiophen, a thiophene derivative, was separated from the entire body of the Eclipta prostrata plant[10]. Other studies have reported on the biological activities of the compounds found in Eclipta prostrata such as their effects on liver function in hepatic carbon tetrachloride poisoning [11], as well as mechanism of their hypoglycemic effect [12, 13], anticancer effect [14], hair growth effect in albino rats [15], healing effects of ethanol extracts[16], and immune-boosting effects[17, 18]. The traditional oriental medicine literature show that Eclipta prostrata can change gray hairs to black, can provide anti-aging function[19], and can be used for prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases[20,21]. Study Subjects: the participants of this study were 24 normal office workers in their 20s and 30s from K call center in Yun deung po-gu, Seoul. Their patterns of hair loss, types of scalp, and general characteristics were examined. Study Materials: Carefully screened Eclipta prostrata was cleanly washed and dried, then matured with ultrasound waves within the solvent (1,3- Butylene Glycol 30% and Glycerin 5%) for 96 hours at 60°C. The extraction ratio of Eclipta prostrata was 1:15~20, containing 5~6% of the original juice from Eclipta prostrata. Ingredient analysis Compounding Ingredient Purified Water Butylene Glycol Glycerin Eclipta Prostrata Extract Total Weight (%) 62 30 5 3 100 3. Study Procedure the comparison of variables of before and after the care such as hair density, hair thickness, effect on scalp improvement, and frontal hairline distance change,of male and female adult office workers in their 20s and 30s who have suffered from scalp troubles and hair loss is shown in Figure 2. General Characteristics of Participants: the general characteristics, hair loss patterns, scalp types, time of initial hair loss, and stress of participants were examined. Hair Thickness Change before and after Experiment for each Group: the comparison of hair thickness at week 0 and at week 10 revealed an increase in all three groups. Frontal Hairline Distance Change: the results of frontal hairline distance, measured to a terminal hair, revealed a decreased tendency at 10 weeks after the experiment in all three groups. Scalp Improvement: the scalp status of most participants showed blurry and generally reddened scalps with excessive sebum and dead skin cellclogged holes, predominantly thin and weak hairs and empty follicles. Ten weeks post-treatment revealed a nearly normal scalp appearance of pellucid and clean scalp with decreased amount of excreted sebum, clean holes, and new hair growth as shown in Figure 3. People with longstanding hair loss treatment failure had benefited from improvement thus, the Eclipta prostrata was observed to have positive effects on the hairs and on the problematic scalps. The study demonstrated a notable effect on hair loss treatment in the control group which used scalp improvement agent with natural Eclipta prostrata extract and a significant improvement in hair growth and thickness in the experimental group that used scalp improvement agent, natural Eclipta prostrata extract, and Medico-legal Update, January-March 2020, Vol. Based on these results, it is deemed that the compounds of the Eclipta prostrata extract, such as saponin, tannin, amara, ecliptine (Eclipta prostrata with small leaves), vitamin A-like substances, and wedelolactone and demethylwedelolactone-7-glucosid that are compounds of nicotine and coumarin, have brought in antioxidative and antibacterial effects to human body, thereby improving blood circulation and preventing hair loss and dandruff formation. Based on the findings of this study, Eclipta prostrata is expected to play the role of a safe anti-hair loss agent and scalp condition enhancer, and is thought to have a high potential as a cosmetic with an anti-hair loss function.

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In the Pharmacopoeia those pharmaceuticals which are commonly used in the recent past have been included bacteria on face purchase cefurox canada. Substances which have proved to antibiotics for acne and side effects effective 250mg cefurox be undesirable from past experience are removed from Pharmacopoeia antimicrobial dressings purchase cefurox 500 mg online. In general due to antimicrobial cleaning products purchase 500mg cefurox with mastercard idleness, substances which are commercially available in excellent purity and are commonly used for other purposes are also not included. In case, if such substances find use internally then they are included in the monographs. It does not prevent a manufacturer from supplying these with more stringent standards. In the Pharmacopoeia if a substance has not been included it does not imply that it cannot be used or marketed. Such non official substances must correspond to standards prescribed either in the earlier editions of the Indian Pharmacopoeia or in other recognized pharmacopoeia (of other countries). In the interest of proper health any substance which fails to correspond to any official standard should not be used. Official substances: In the latest edition of the Pharmacopoeia those drugs and pharmaceuticals are termed as official substances in that country of Pharmacopoeia. It is very important to understand the difference between an official substance and chemical individual with same name. The official substance is a commercial product which is required to comply with standards specified in the Pharmacopoeia and may often have some other substances added for specific reasons. For example, to prevent the formation and to inactivate any poisonous phosgene (carbonyl chloride) gas that may be formed in contact with the air during storage of chloroform of the Pharmacopoeia contains 1-2 % of added ethyl alcohol. It summarizes the different changes including additions/deletions in the current edition compared to last edition. To avoid misinterpretation and misunderstanding of later parts of the text, attention should be paid to general notices at the outset. These are considered as very important because medicinal substances are used for the cure and/or prevention of diseases. These monographs are arranged in the alphabetical order of their names and are somewhat stereotyped in style. The following information about the drugs and pharmaceutical aids are described in Pharmacopoeial monographs. The requirements are not necessarily comprehensive for a given specific preparation, additional requirements may sometimes be given in the individual monograph for it. For example, they may relate to source materials, to the manufacturing process and its validation and control, to any process testing that is to be carried out by the manufacturer on the final product either on selected batches or on each batch prior to release. All this cannot be verified on a sample of the final product by an independent analyst. It is for the licensing authority to verify that the instructions have been followed. The absence of a section on production does not imply that attention to features such as those given above is not required. An article described in a monograph of the Pharmacopeia is to be manufactured in accordance with the principles of good manufacturing practice and in accordance with the requirements of the Drugs and Cosmetic Rules, 1945. The general principles applicable to the manufacture and quality assurance of drugs and preparations meant for human use equally to veterinary products as well. Any ingredient(s) other than those included in the statement, must comply with the general notice on excipients and the product must conform to the Pharmacopoeial requirements. Official preparations are prepared only from ingredients that comply with the requirements of the Pharmacopoeial monographs for those individual ingredients for which monographs are provided. Care should be taken to ensure that such substances are free from harmful organisms. In place of the main title, sometimes sub titles are given which are synonyms/subsidiary names; where included, they have the same significance as the main title. For example, calcium carbonate can also be called precipitated chalk; iron and ammonium citrate can also be called ferric ammonium citrate and milk of magnesia can also be called magnesium hydroxide mixture. Chemical formulae: When the chemical structure of an official substance is known or generally accepted, the graphic and molecular formulae are normally given at the beginning of the monograph for information. If the substance is enantiomer, the sign of optical rotation has been attached to the systematic name. Atomic and molecular weight: the atomic and molecular weight is shown, as and when appropriate at the top right hand corner of the monograph. In general if the correct chemistry is not known or the compound is of indefinite composition these two items are not provided. For example chemical formula and molecular weight for iron ammonium citrate are not provided. Definition: the opening statement of a monograph is one that constitutes an official definition of the substance, preparation or other article that is the subject of the monograph. In some monographs of pharmaceutical preparations the statement is given in terms of principle ingredient(s). In monographs on vegetable drugs, the definition indicates whether the subject of the monograph is, for example, the whole drug or the drug in powdered form. Certain pharmaceutical substance and other articles are defined by reference to a particular method of manufacture. Statement of content: the limits of content stated are those determined by the method described under assay. Category: this part of monograph expresses the pharmacological or therapeutic or pharmaceutical application of the compound. Although the compound may have other applications usually this part describes the main application. Dose: Dose mentioned in the Pharmacopeia is intended merely for general guidance and represent, unless otherwise stated, the average range of quantities which are generally regarded as suitable for adults when administered by mouth. It provides the quantity guidance to the prescriber or the physician to achieve the desired therapeutic effects in adults. Usual strength: It indicates the strength(s) usually marketed for information of the pharmacist and the medical practitioner. Description: this part of monograph is not to be interpreted in a strict sense and is not to be regarded as official requirements. It illustrates a physical description of the substance such as amorphous nature or crystalline, odor, color and taste etc. In the preliminary evaluation of the integrity of an article these properties help and not themselves the standards or tests or purity. For example, Calcium carbonate is a fine white microcrystalline powder, odorless and tasteless. Solubility: the solubility mentioned in Indian Pharmacopeia is the approximate solubility at a temperature between 15 °C and 30 °C, unless otherwise stated, and are not to be considered as official requirements. The solubility of a substance in water, hot or boiling water, alcohol, glycerol, other organic solvent, acid and alkali were given. Test methods: References to general methods of testing are indicated by test method numbers in brackets immediately after the heading of the test or at the end of the text. This usually involves specific chemical test or tests for identifying the substance. It provides a means of verifying that the identity of the material under examination is in accordance with the label on the container. In certain monographs alternative series of tests are given; compliance with either one or the other set of tests is adequate to verify the identity of the article. In general for inorganic pharmaceuticals color reactions, precipitation reactions and gas evolving reactions are used. Tests and assay: these are the official methods upon which the standards of Pharmacopoeia depend. Tests and assay are prescribed for the minimum sample available on which the attributes of the article should be measured. Assurance of quality must be ensured by the manufacture by the use of statistically valid sampling and testing programs. Tests: In general the assays and test are carried out at a temperature between 20 °C and 30 °C unless otherwise stated. Precaution should be taken to avoid exposure to direct sunlight or other strong light where it is directed that an analytical operation is to be carried out "in subdued light". Similarly precaution should be taken to exclude actinic light by the use of low actinic glassware, working in a dark room or similar procedures where a procedure is directed to be performed "protected from light". For preparations other than those of fixed strength, the quantity to be taken for a test or an assay is usually expressed in terms of the active ingredient.

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  • Rectal or pelvic ultrasound
  • Try not to stand for long periods of time. If you must stand, do so on a soft, cushioned surface. Stand with an equal amount of weight on each leg.
  • Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Not being able to urinate
  • Poorly controlled diabetes (sweet smelling urine)
  • Abdominal tenderness
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