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By: Abul K. Abbas, MBBS

  • Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Pathology, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, California


Many studies are looking at these agents for the treat ment of viral infections as well as cancers weight loss center shuddha guggulu 60 caps amex. Pegylated interferon given as a subcutaneous injec tion in combination with oral ribavirin is the preferred treatment for persons with chronic hepatitis C consid ered eligible for treatment weight loss water recipe buy 60caps shuddha guggulu with visa. The likelihood of a favorable treatment response as determined by sustained viral clearance is determined by several factors weight loss 77057 purchase shuddha guggulu 60caps without prescription, including the genotype of the virus weight loss games buy shuddha guggulu on line amex. Interferon is also one of several treatment options for persons with chronic hepatitis B. E ffi cacy and Safety of the Oral Neuraminidase Inhibitor Oseltamivir in treating Acute Influenza: a randomized controlled trial. Famciclovir for the treatment of acute herpes zoster: effects on acute disease and postherpetic neuralgia. Both of these new anti-viral agents were approved in May 2012 and are specifically for use in persons infected with the difficult to treat hepatitis C virus genotype 1. All of these medications have different side effects and have to be jug gled around to find the combination with the least adverse efects and greatest sustained depression of viral load. E ffect of Alpha-Interferon Treatment in Patients with Hepatitis B e Antigen-Positive Chronic Hepatitis B: A Meta-Analysis. Cidofovir is a cytosine analogue, which is phosphorylated by host (not viral) cellular kinases to its active diphosphate form. Valganciclovi r requ i res fewer pills and gains higher levels as compared to oral ganciclovi r 2. U n like ganciclovir, cidofovir activation occurs in both uni nfected & infected cells. Since cidofovir is phosphophorylated by human enzymes, it can be effective in strains with altered viral kinases Same as Ganciclovi r Same as Ganciclovir 1. Check renal fu nction frequently while using cidovi r, as damage can be reversible if caught early. Effective agai nst Herpes vi ruses with altered thym idine kinase, si nce phosphorylation is not req uired 2. I n h ibits synthesis target proteins & therefore i n h ibits viral replication 1. N ucleoside must be phosphorylated by cellular enzymes i nto its triphosphate form to be activated 3. Resistance to Lamivudine develops via m utations of the reverse transcriptase enzyme 2. Do not mix with ddl, due to increased risk of pancreatitis, hepatitis & neuropathy. The difference is that nucleotide analogues are al ready phosphorylated, unlike n ucleoside analogues. The activity of Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors does not compete with nucleoside triphosphates. If abacavi r is stopped, restarting abacavi r can lead to severe & fatal hypersensitivity reactions with in hours even in patients - with no history of hypersensitivity to abacavi r. If abacavir is stopped for any reason, extreme caution should be exercised before reintroducing abacavir. Protease is a vital H I V enzyme that cleaves gag and pol proteins from their precursor molecules. P rotease deficient virions can not form their viral core, and thus are noninfectious Many more bei ng developed 1. Fat redistribution syndromes with peripheral fat wasting, truncal obesity, and facial thinning 5. Kidney stones (2-3%); d rug precipitates in renal collecting system, forming indinavi r crystals; patients have to drink buckets of water a day 2. Liver toxicity Note: People co-i nfected with hepatitis 8 and/or C may be at g reater risk of developing liver toxicity 4. I ncluded in 201 0 guidelines as part of a "preferred" regimen for 1 st line treatment. Approved for treatment as part of elvitegravir/cobicistat + tenofovir/ emtricitab (Stribil) Only available as part of co-formulation: elvitegravir/cobicistat + tenofovir/ emtricitab (Stribil) M ust check 'tropism assay" prior to use. Cough, upper respi ratory tract i nfections, myalgias, diarrhea, and sleep distu rbances 1. Viral gp41 then undergoes a conformational change, which enables fusion of virus and T-cell membranes. Enfuvi rtide binds to gp41, which prevents the conformational change necessary for membrane fusion. Central nervous system effects, such as anxiety and confusion (more common i n the elderly) 2. Phosphorylated by cellular enzymes i nto its active triphosphate form i n all cells (regardless of viral i nfection) 3. These carriers pass the infective form, the cyst, to other individuals by way of the fecal-oral route. Protozoa are free-living, single celled, eucaryotic cells with a cytoplasmic membrane and cellular organelles, including 1 or 2 nuclei, mitochondria, food vacuoles, and endoplasmic reticulum. They have an outer layer of cytoplasm (ectoplasm) and an inner layer (endoplasm), which appear different from each other under the microscope. The protozoa ingest solid pieces of food through a small mouth called the cytostome. For example, amoe bas (Entamoeba histolitica) can ingest human red blood cells into their cytoplasm. When exposed to new environments (such as temper ature changes, transit down the intestinal tract, or chemical agents), the protozoa can secrete a protective coat and shrink into a round armored form, called the cyst. Following ingestion it converts back into the motile form, called the trophozoite. Entamoeba histolytica causes a bloody diarrhea, and Giardia lamblia and Cyclospora cayetanensis cause a non-bloody diarrhea. Entamoeba histolytica this organism is the classic amoeba we have all heard about. It moves by extending creeping projections of cytoplasm, called pseudopodia (false feet). The exact incidence of infection is unknown, but it is highest in the developing world and among immigrants to the U. Old prevalence data is flawed because stool microscopy, which was previously used for screening and epidemiologic surveillance, is unable to differenti ate between E. The motile feeding form of the amoeba is the trophozoite, which cruises along the intestinal wall eating bacteria, other protozoa, and even human intestinal and red blood cells. This trophozoite can convert to a precyst form, with two nuclei, that matures into a tetranucleated cyst as it travels down and out the colon. The precyst contains aggregates of ribosomes, called chromotoid bodies, as well as food vacuoles that are extruded as the cell shrinks to the mature cyst; it is the mature cyst that is eaten, infecting others. Sometimes (10% of infected individuals) the tropho zoites invade the intestinal mucosa causing erosions. This results in abdominal pain, a couple of loose stools a day, and flecks of blood and mucus in the stool. The trophozoites may penetrate the portal blood cir culation, forming abscesses in the liver, followed by spread through the diaphragm into the lung. Here the trophozoite infection causes pulmonary abscesses and often death (worldwide: 100,000 deaths annually). Trophozoites with red blood cells in the cytoplasm suggest active disease, while cysts or trophozoites without internalized red cells suggest asymptomatic carriage. Antigen detection assays, on stool or serum, are currently the most sensitive and spe cific tests available for diagnosing infection with E.

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I am sorry to weight loss nutrition plan order shuddha guggulu with a mastercard say that a few Chiropractors believe in those ancient mythological myths weight loss after baby best purchase for shuddha guggulu. Which vertebra to weight loss pills japan buy shuddha guggulu 60 caps otc adjust will depend upon the nature of the poison and where it enters the body weight loss programs buy 60caps shuddha guggulu amex. It may be the result of traumatic injuries or the administration of drugs, such as quinin. Any substance which produces a noxious or fatal effect is a poison, no matter by what avenue it is introduced. Bone fractures and the healing of wounds are attended with, and require, a rise in temperature. By this means the cells of the injured part are enabled to replace tissue which has been destroyed. There may be traumatic fever from wounds, which become poisoned by a portion decomposing, or by the introduction of deletereous substances. Inflammation always denotes a condition of pain, heat, swelling, discoloration, disordered function and alteration of tissue. Any organ or tissue in the body may be affected by tubercles, small, hard, granular bodies, yellowish at the center and bounded by a reddish, vascular zone. Tubercles are growths resulting from inflammation in tissue which functionate excessively, whether from traumatism or poisonous toxins. The result, it is said, whether true or false I do not know, that dairy cattle tested by toxin (poison) may pass inspection but, upon a second trial, they are found to be tuberculous; the poison having made degenerative conditions. By this means displaced tissue and all functious tissue is returned to normal position; functions (including heat) will be returned to normal. There is a specific eruption, morbid inflammation and ulceration, enlargement of the spleen and mesenteric glands and catarrhal inflammation of the intestinal mucous membrane. The poison, the cause of this disease, is introduced into the body in food or drink. There is headache, weariness, backache, cough, nosebleed and tenderness in the intestines. The heat may cause necrosis, softening of the intestinal walls, so that perforations may occur. There may be well marked symptoms of pleurisy, pneumonia, bronchitis, nephritis, thrombosis of veins, phthisis, pariotitis, etc. These many and varied symptoms, all disturbed functions, are caused by one displaced vertebra, and that one is the 6th dorsal, the central vertebra of the spinal column as well as that of the sympathetic ganglionic chain, the great distributing agent. The extreme inflammation created at the sixth dorsal by pressure on nerves, whether the pressure is traumatic or toxic, is transmitted thruout the body by diffusion. And the best of it all is that we, as Chiropractors, by relieving impingements upon nerves, can restore all functions, even that which produces heat, to a normal degree of activity. To me and Chiropractic are the medical and scientific worlds indebted for the discovery of these facts. A displacement of the 6th thoracic seems to cause as many diseases as the rest of the spinal column altogether. The displacement of other vertebrae causes local ailments, whereas the displacement of the one at center place tends to cause general affections. It is recognized by nausea, vomiting, dyspnea, amauroses, headache, vertigo, dimness of vision, coma, hemiplegia, convulsions and urinous odor of the breath and perspiration. The author must consider the condition very abnormal as he uses "abnormalities" twelve times in the first one and one-third pages. He advises "the most careful dieting," but does not say where, when or how to adjust for this ailment. I, the originator and developer of Chiropractic, say, adjust one vertebra, and that one the 12th dorsal. This is the central place between the 6th dorsal and the last vertebral articulation. The diseases arising therefrom, because of an impingement upon the 12th pair of dorsal nerves, are general in their character, but not quite as much so as those caused by an impingement upon the nerves emerging from the central center place. If this is so and the act is interfered with by the nerve being impinged upon, why not remove the impingement? To a Chiropractor they are of no special concern, because he knows they all originate from a common cause which he can remove. By adjusting the 2d lumbar the supporting nerves, muscles and ligaments acquire their normal tonicity and the uterus its normal position. Vaccine virus is the poison transferred from one animal or person to another, usually, from a heifer to man. This discovery has met with great favor by physicians and has added to their income, but it has injured their patients. A valuable, wonderful medical discovery, that one or more diseases could be added to and developed in mankind. Many diseases, however, have been introduced by vaccination and not a few deaths have been caused by it. If kept in a cool place it will retain its contamination qualities for a week or ten days. Variola-A specific, infectious disease ushered in with severe febrile symptoms and followed by a papular eruption spreading over all parts of the body. These nerve-fibers form dense plexuses on the outer surface of the vessels from which filaments pass to the middle coat to be distributed almost entirely to its muscular fibers. Thus blood vessels are supplied with arteries, veins, muscles and lymphatics, and, like other tissue, are liable to become inflamed when the fibers ramifying their structure are impinged upon directly by traumatism, indirectly by poison or auto-mental-intoxication. Their articulations are immovable and they soon change their shape to conform to their new position, thus becoming ill-shaped. Before they can be permanently replaced, they must be reshaped, made suitable by growth, for their normal position. Adjust by using the phalangeal joint of the small finger as a knuckle, striking the posterior arch midway between the tubercle and the lateral mass, so as to drive it toward the attachment of the transverse ligament of the opposite side. When the matter from either of the last two organs is ejected, it is called stercoraceous or fecal vomiting. There being an intestinal obstruction, the intestinal semi-fluid contents are returned upwards by reflex peristalsis. I had one patient who was relieved, in a few days, by adjusting one of the lower dorsal. Vomitus-Vomiting is the effect of an irritation of the gastric nerves causing a reflex action for the expulsion of the contents of the stomach. The term is usually applied to a felon or inflammation of the periosteal structure of the bone. If affected in both fingers and toes, adjust 6th dorsal; if of the fingers only, adjust 4th dorsal; if of the toes only, adjust in the lumbar region. If metabolism is perfect, the stomach, with normal digestion, will dispose of the worms; even tapeworms. A distinction should be made between constipation (infrequency of stool) and costiveness (dryness and hardness of the feces). The former is usually caused by paralysis of some portion of the bowel, lack of muscular action. This lesion should be located and the impinged nerve relieved so that normal innervation may be resumed. In costiveness, where the stool is dry and hard and expelled with difficulty, the cause is too much action of the kidneys. Too much water is passed by the urinary organs, depriving the stool tract of its proper moisture. More than one hundred pupils were found to be suffering from this annoying ailment. The longer we live the more we wonder that any pupil of the old red schoolhouse of a past generation lived to tell the tale of his or her school days. From tone originates all the principles which constitute the science and philosophy of Chiropractic. The renitency of tissue is the inherent quality of life, the ability to resist pressure. In biology it is the condition resulting from elastic force acting against an impulse.

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The muscle is shortened weight loss 1 week postpartum purchase shuddha guggulu mastercard, thickened and becomes somewhat denser; it is stiff weight loss shakes discount shuddha guggulu online master card, firm and solid weight loss pill 30 day trial order shuddha guggulu line, incompletely elastic and not extensible weight loss pills of the stars generic 60caps shuddha guggulu otc. Pathological Anatomy:-The lesions will be found in local wounds or from poisons in the food. Pathologic Physiology:-The rigidity of muscles is due to toxins which cause abnormal nervous action. The toxin of tetanus is very poisonous, which accounts for its short duration and fatal ending. The nerves are so extremely sensitive that a flash of light, a breath of air, or a sudden noise provokes a paroxysm. By some, disease is applied to structural change and disorder to functional derangement. It is a self-evident fact, that normal structure and normal functions are co-existent. It is also true, that change of structure and a corresponding change of functions must exist. To have faulty secretion, absorption, circulation, respiration, digestion or bodily heat, we must have both disturbed functions and abnormal tissue. The backbone of Chiropractic literature needs close and careful attention during its infancy, so that it will not be disfigured in adult life. I note that you say in regard to laying the hands and arms alongside of the patient, while giving adjustments, to prevent bracing. I am glad to note that the Adjuster is doing some adjusting along lines which is sadly in need of such. I hope to see these so timed and delivered that the very foundation of pseudo "Fountain Heads" will be severely shaken. Coming back to the Adjuster, let me say, that your manner of handling the nervous system, is based on sound reasoning, and will sorely appeal to the better element. This line of thought from the Fountain Head assiduously advanced in addition to other up-to-date ideas, will place all pseudos hors de combat. Metastasis is a term used by pathologists to designate the change in position, manifestation or character of a disease, as in mumps, where inflammation of the parotid gland is seemingly transferred to the testicle, resulting in a condition known as orchitis. Metastasis is the transferrence of disease from one organ to another dot directly connected with it, as in tumors and metastatic abscesses. In the prolonged convalescence of typhoid fever, numerous, remote, suppurative lesions present themselves, such as periostitis, ostitis, parotitis and orchitis. Metastasis, from a medical view-point, is a transference of diseased conditions, thru the blood currents. Secondary nodules resembling the first may appear in nearby or distant parts of the body; this change is called metastasis. This seemingly, to blood pathologists, transposition of tumors, is accounted for by them, as transferrence of diseased cells thru the blood or lymph; others contend that micro-organisms escape from the diseased portion, find an entrance into other tissue and, because of a depressed vitality, succeed in establishing a footing. Chiropractors hold that all functions are the result of thot transference from the center to the periphery of the nervous system; that functional activity is increased or decreased according to the speed with which the impulse is earned and that momentum depends upon the volume of the vibration which transmit it. Chiropractors recognize the various changes known to the medical fraternity, as metastatic, but do not concede that they are transferred thru the blood, lymph or any other channel. Other nerve-branches than those affected may become impinged upon by the same pressure which caused an overexcited or depressed condition of the trunk-nerve. Remember, the different filaments of a trunk-nerve reach various organs and parts of the body. The backbone is known as the spine or spinal column, because of its projecting spinous processes. It supports the weight of the head, connects the bones of the thorax with those of the pelvis, and forms a basis of support and attachment for the ribs. Owing to its curves, intervertebral disks and its large number of slightly movable bones, it is prepared to lessen the effects of shocks. It furnishes a bony canal for the protection of the spinal cord and fifty-eight foramina and six grooves for the safe exit of the spinal nerves. It gives proper position and shape to the body thruout, and not only furnishes a support for the organs, but also for the nerves and vascular system. The vertebrate endoskeleton is composed of segments, the skull and the vertebral column, which serve to protect the central nervous system from injury. The seven bones of the cranium, namely, the occipital, two parietal, frontal, two temporal and the spheroid wedge form a bony envelope surrounding the enlarged portion of the cerebrospinal nervous axis. The brain fills the cranial cavity so closely that its impress is evident upon the cranial surface; whereas, the spinal cord occupies only a portion of its bony case. The same intelligence which enveloped the brain in a solid covering, made ample room for the spinal cord and also provided for the safe exit of the thirty-one pairs of spinal nerves. The bones of the upper expansion and the five of the lower, widened surface, become coalesced, while the twenty-four intervening segments remain separate. It occupies the spinal canal, composed of twenty-six bony rings, the upper and lower encircle the foramen magnum and the sacral canal respectively. Pressure upon any portion of the nervous system, whether of the brain, spinal cord, or its nerve branches, increases or impairs its carrying capacity of impulses, deranging the sensory nerves, or causing too much or not enough functionating. An organ so delicate and sensitive refuses to perform its functions properly when encroached upon. The brain is a soft mass of tissue, easily injured by concussion which is not necessarily accompanied by fracture. Fractures of the skull may result from falling bodies or personal encounters; they may be impacted, the fragments driven into each other, or partial, that is, the outer table may not be broken, yet the inner table may be fractured, the fragments pressing on the brain. If a depression takes place, there will be a hollow, the shape of which will depend upon the instrument by which it was made. There is no separation of the fragments, except that which is produced mechanically, as there are no muscles in the skull to cause displacement by contraction. On account of no separation, they require but little callus, consequently there is no thickening or deformity. The trouble may not end here, as a fracture may injure the brain by an impingement of the depressed portion upon the brain. The outer table may not show any fissure or crack and yet the inner table be depressed; if so, grave consequences will result because of pressure. If pressure exists, inflammation is sure to follow, as an impingement upon nerves creates irritation and irritation produces an excess of vibration, and heat as a consequence follows. There are three primary states of functional disturbance, arising from injury to which the brain is subject, namely, concussion, pressure and irritation. Any one of these may be followed by or be complicated with, inflammatory actions of various kinds that derive much of their peculiar characteristics from the conditions with which they are associated and the injuries by which they are occasioned. Contusions of the skull, where there are no signs of a fracture, may affect not only the bones, but the membrane, pia mater, and the brain itself. The patient complains of malaise, headache, stiffness of the muscles of the neck, giddiness, chilliness, nausea and vomiting. The temperature rises and the senses of sight and hearing become very acute, as the result of too much functionating. Paralysis of some portion of the body may follow, the portion affected depending upon the part of the brain injured. If there be an impingement upon the optic nerve or its tract, neuritis of the optic nerve will occur; if there is a displacement of a portion of the temporal bone, then an impingement upon the auditory nerve will be found and hearing will be interfered with. The cranial nerves may be injured by pressure in the part of the brain which gives them origin, or along the pathway of the nerves themselves. Concussion of the brain consists of an organic lesion and of necessity functional disturbance. Concussion consists of a stunning or shock communicated to the nervous system from the application of external violence, which produces commotion in the substance of the brain. As a consequence its functions become temporarily suspended, usually in a slight and transitory degree, but occasionally to such an extent that the patient does not rally for many hours, because of the depressed state into which he is thrown. In those cases in which death results from the continuance and severity of the concussion, the pathological conditions vary.

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The bones of the pelvis fall inward and the os pubis generally approaches the sacrum weight loss 30 day challenge discount shuddha guggulu 60 caps mastercard. No medicine is known which possesses any direct efficacy in osteomalacia or rickets weight loss calendar purchase shuddha guggulu cheap online. The disease appearing to weight loss and hair loss order generic shuddha guggulu consist in a deficiency of lime in the bones weight loss pills hydroxycut max generic 60 caps shuddha guggulu, proposals have been made to exhibit internally the phosphate of lime; but this chemical project has had no success. The patient is irritable, sleepless, feverish, the abdomen is bloated and the stool movements abnormal. Food is nutritive material taken into the body of an organism for the purpose of growth, repair and the maintenance of the vital processes. Poison is any substance which when introduced into the animal organism, destroys life, impairs functions and produces a morbid condition of tissue. Any deviation of the latter makes a change in the action of organs and the substance of tissue. That which is food for the mother may be poison for her babe; age modifies the tissue of the nervous system and its alimentary requirements. Digestion is the process of converting nutritive material into an absorbable form by the dissolving action of secretions. In man, the digestion commences in the mouth by the addition of saliva and is continued thruout the alimentary canal by the action of biliary acids, gastric, pancreatic and intestinal juices. These secretions act normally when the temperature is 98 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. A higher or lower temperature impairs their usefulness and causes their functions to be abnormally performed. Normal heat, therefore, is absolutely necessary for normal action of the digestive juices. During the first few days following delivery, the breasts secrete milk of a yellowish color and of considerable consitency, in which large cells completely filled with fat granules are present. This quality of food is adapted to the needs of the child during the first few days of the nursing period. It is well known that many substances introduced with food, drink, or as a medicine, are secreted in the milk. Odorous substances, such as anise, vermuth, garlic, flavor the milk; chloral hydrate, opium, indigo, salicylic acid, iodine, iron, zinc, mercury, lead, bismuth and antimony change its quality. Any ingesta, which irritate the nerves of the digestive tract, by their exciting effects increase the temperature. Because of this excitement, the secretions are affected; they are mentally magnetized. Love or hate, joy or grief, fear or boldness, affect the secretions of glands and follicles. Excitation means an increase in temperature which is not compatible with the normal performance of functions either secretory or excretory. Normal temperature is absolutely necessary for the "catalytic" and "hydrolytic" action of the "enzymes. Normal temperature creates one white corpuscle to 650 of the red; this number varies in health from 500 to 700. In the new-born babe the percentage of the white corpuscles is greater than in the adult. As age advances, functions being normal, there is a decrease in the number of the white corpuscles because there is less demand for bone material. The blood is the nutritive fluid of the body; it carries foodstuffs to the tissues after being properly prepared by the digestive apparatus. The composition of the material transported depends upon the amount of heat, which in turn determines the quality of tissue. The leucocytes are not always the same histologically and, no doubt, their functions are as diverse as their morphology. The "center place" of the vertebral column is the 6th dorsal vertebra which may impinge the 6th pair of thoracic nerves. This impingement causes more diseases, more especially in the line of fevers, than that of any other pair of nerves. I now name the 12th dorsal vertebra, which, by its displacement impinges upon the 12th pair of dorsal nerves, the second center place, being midway between center place and the coccyx. Impingements on the 12th pair of dorsal nerves cause more diseases, with the one exception of the 6th dorsal, than does pressure upon any other spinal nerves. Whenever I find a person with clammy hands, feet always cold on account of perspiration, I locate the cause at the 12th thoracic vertebra. One case of scoliosis was straightened, while writing this article, by adjusting the 12th dorsal vertebrae. I do not hesitate to locate the impingement, the irritation which causes the symptoms known as rachitic and osteomalacia at the 12th dorsal, the second center place. Displacement of the 12th dorsal vertebra impinges upon the twelfth pair of thoracic nerves, creating an inflammation which, when diffused, is known as fever. Curvatures of the spine exist because of the softening of vertebrae and muscular contraction which draw vertebrae out of alignment. This scattered inflammation accounts for degeneration of the liver and spleen, the increased size of the cartilage and the reddened color of the bones and marrow, a condition known as hyperemia. Having observed that unsuitable ingesta irritate the nervous system, contracting certain nerves and muscles which draw the 12th dorsal vertebra out of alignment and impinge upon the 12th pair of thoracic nerves, causing an inordinate amount of heat which modifies metabolism and creates all the symptoms collectively, known as rickets; knowing all this, what shall we do about it? Why not quit giving "improper food," undo the wrong done, replace the 12th dorsal vertebra and allow the functions of the 12th pair of thoracic nerves to functionate normally. It is a question whether a cook cannot poison the guest by magnetizing the food with hatred. This unites the two forces, remember, and neutralizes the excess of acid or alkali and allows nature to begin to adjust itself harmoniously. In all Osteopathic treatments, the spinal treatment as shown under Neuropathy, should receive special attention if you wish to be successful in your treatment in the cure of disease of any and all kinds. There is no better way to eliminate human suffering than this spinal adjustment, as it is one of the essentials in all diseases of whatever character, nature or degree, in all ages. Those mentioned by him were the only ones I was able to adjust at that date, 1898. Tubes, ducts, the esophagus, urethra, the intestines are subject to stricture, a ring-like obstruction around their canals. There are many claiming to-practice Chiropractic who know but little of it as a science. Perhaps you know more about this Science than the man who created it, or the 2,000 or more practitioners who are daily adjusting, moving, vertebrae. By using the processes as levers they know that they rack them back and into their former position. An examination shows, by the sense of sight and feeling, that the outline of the spinous processes has been changed by adjustment. The testimony of these senses is sufficient to convict you of ignorance or wilful misrepresentation. Gustave Noque, an anatomist, who has many years of experience in the preparation of skeletons and vertebral columns, says under date of Dec. Davis would have a good time eliminating the "Luxation Fad" from the man who has handled a thousand vertebral columns in the recent state to his one. On page 145 of "Neuropathy" I find: "The spinal curvatures seen everywhere are direct results of nervous irritation, resulting in contraction of muscular fibers, and a gradual curve a consequence. To relieve the victim of amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea, we simply remove the pressure from the nervous system ending in the organs involved. The same law holds good for any other functional disorder known to humanity, or to the doctors. This nervous system of the spine emerges in leashes along the sides of the spine, underneath the lamina, in thirty-one places, from the atlas to the coccyx. These five layers of muscles are the levers of the spine the contracting of this muscular structure is caused by irritation of the nervous system ending in the muscular structure; because, the only property of the muscular tissue is to contract, and never does contract unless as a result of irritation.

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