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summer romance
'A Summer Romance' by MivTheVampire

My Summer Romance

Keepsakes From the Past

'Unforgotten Memories' of a Summer Romance

by Barbara Larque' Sisneros

Sophie brushed back her hair as she examined the items
she pulled from her closet trying to decide what she would
keep or give to the upcoming "clean sweep event " that her
and the neighborhood organized each spring for their
favorite charity.

She couldn't help but smile at herself as she wondered how
she had allowed so much to accumulate to such a point as this

As she sorted, her eyes focused on a shoe box.

The Rascals, 'Groovin',' summer 1967 (#1)

A flood of emotion raced through her as she reached out
and removed it's cover. For within its space "unforgotten
memories" loving wrapped in red tissue paper wait to be
awakened from the past of what seemed to be so long ago .

Tears ran down her cheeks as she removed the contents
of the box one by one and thoughts of a summer of romance
now filled her mind .

A photograph, heart shaped locket on a silver chain,
dried rose pedals pressed inside a book of poetry and an
envelope that held the sweetest expressions of love that
only her eyes had been allowed to see.

She stared into the eyes of the young handsome man. Smiling, she took the locket and slipped the chain over
her head. Slowly she unfolded the letter and began to
read. The tears mixed with smiles'; laughter welled up
inside her, now broke free. She sat there silently for what
seemed like an eternity thinking of the boy, her youth
and "unforgotten memories" of that summer of romance.

The Beatles, 'All You Need Is Love,' August 1967, (#1)

Sophie took the letter held it to her chest for just a brief
moment. Carefully folding it she placed it securely back
into the box. The locket around her neck she passionately
kissed before returning it to the red tissue paper that had
held it safe for so many years. Finally, taking one last look at
the photo, she uttered this prayer...

A prayer of well wishes and safe keeping, long life of
love and happiness and "unforgotten memories " from
time to time.

Keep sakes are what every girl loves, stored in a simple shoe box, expensive safety box or just locked away inside her heart .

Cherish your keepsakes and "unforgotten memories."

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