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hawaii summer

My Summer Romance

Hawaiian Summer Love

Dedicated to Jerrell Gervickas

By Candice

June 1st was a magical day in Hawaii.
It was 2:43, when he walked by,
My mind was saying,
"Wow what a guy!
"I have to meet him,
What is his name?"
Imprinted in my mind
Is what his image became.
I couldn't stop thinking
About his flawless face,
I actually longed for his embrace.
Finally I saw him again,
And this time, at least,
His name is what I would attain.
To my surprise he talked to me.
I had millions of butterflies in my stomach
Longing to be free.
We talked for hours that night,
And after I left,
My heart and mind were filled with delight.
"When would I see him next?" crossed my mind.
With that question,
My mind became very entwined.
Thursday was when we'd meet once more.
This time it was him
That I would fall for.
After the Luau we met up
By the old palm tree,
So we could go midnight swimming in the sea.
It was there,
In the big, black ocean,
Where my heart felt so much emotion.
I was happy, inspired, hopeful, and even in love,
But I was also scared and fearful;
I'd never felt all these feelings above.

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough,' 1967, #19

After midnight swimming in the sea,
He gave a big, beautiful, white flower to me.
Behind the left ear means you're taken.
That's where he put it;
My heart was very shaken.
Then, to my surprise,
He leaned over and gave me a kiss.
Those five seconds felt like,
A hundred years of pure bliss.
It was after that where I became obsessed,
I couldn't go with out seeing him,
I had confessed.
I'd see him every single day.
We grew close,
As close as a coconut on a palm tree, as we'd say.
Snorkeling, Pearl Harbor, Ala Moana Mall,
These are just a few things we all saw.
Walking around with him by my side,
I carried myself with so much pride.
"Why did he choose me?
Why not her?"
She is 10 times prettier.
When his hand touched mine,
My face and smile started to shine.
I felt invincible
And on top of the world,
Everything around me was all swirled.
Yet again we kissed once more,
This one was better than the last four.
Standing on top of a mountain,
Singin', dancin', and just shoutin'.
The sky, ocean and land could not stand still,
Like a roller coaster, dropping from the highest hill.
Like fireworks on the fourth of July,
Absolutely anything I could defy.
That was the most romantic kiss,
And yet again it was pure bliss.
But there was a time I'd have to leave,
And I knew that we would both grieve.
That time came in the middle of June,
Our plane left for home in the late afternoon.
I was with him all day,
We spent our time together by the bay.
But it was time to leave this fairy tale,
I'd hope that our relationship would prevail.
Through our time together, I learned a lot,
One thing I learned
Was that these feelings could not be taught.
I didn't want to leave him behind,
Because by now our hearts had been intertwined.
Leaving him would be
Like leaving a part of me
Like a coconut falling from a palm tree,
The tree isn't the same, everyone would agree.
It was time to say goodbye,
And I began to cry.
I couldn't leave him there all alone,
To sit, cry and moan.
But the time came for me to go,
For the both of us, it was a pretty bad blow.

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, 'I Second That Emotion,' 1967, #4

I stared deep into his eyes,
I could see all of his hearts cries.
We kissed over and over again,
Hoping this moment would never end.
It was tough, I know,
But I had to let go.
I turned and faced the other way,
And everything turned a dark gray.
I aimlessly drifted,
Through the gloomy darkness,
Feeling my heart drowning in an ocean,
So lifeless.
The dark, distrustful clouds came rolling in,
And tried destroying everything that had been.
In the midst of the lifeless world
I could see a dim image,
Of his smiling face all swirled.
Leaving him was the hardest thing,
Knowing I wouldn't see him until next spring.
But ten months seems like forever,
And it is a pretty big endeavor.
But our love is so strong,
Absolutely nothing could go wrong.
So now I have to sit and wait,
Until that time comes again to see my soul mate.

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