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eunice wright
Eunice Wright:I look at it as giving life to my son a second time. I brought him into this world with God's help, and now, I'm fighting to keep him here as long as I can with God's help.’

Eunice Wright Puts Musical Career on Standby to Save Her Son

Giving Life to a Life for the Second Time Around

By Bob Marovich

For the last four years, national recording artist Eunice Wright has ministered in song to deliver a message of faith, hope, and love to people across the county. On June 22nd, her message took on new definition as she put her busy music and secular careers on hold to donate a kidney to her eldest son, Tony.

eunice tonyTony, now 19, was diagnosed over two and a half years ago with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), a condition where both of his kidneys have completely shut down. The cause of this failure is unknown, according to medical professionals. Treatment options for ESRD are limited--either undergo dialysis and extend life span for five to ten years or opt for a transplant with the hopes of extending life-span to 15-20 years. In June 2011, Wright made the decision to donate one of her kidneys to her son, and for the last twelve months have been preparing for this Friday's procedure. 

"The process to prepare for the transplant has taken about a year for the doctors to determine that I was a good donor choice for my son," says Wright. "There were some health changes I had to make which lead to me losing 40 pounds. I'm not mad about that part at all!" she jokes. "I feel confidence that everything will be ok. I've put this whole matter in God's hands from the very beginning. He has sustained us and will continue to do so through this journey in our lives. I trust God and I'm at peace with whatever the outcome may be. God knows the plan He has for me and Tony and His plan is working in us right now. I also look at it as giving life to my son a second time. I brought him into this world with God's help, and now, I'm fighting to keep him here as long as I can with God's help.

Eunice Wright, 'Hello God,' from her new album Worth It All

Wright is expected to be back in full force in approximately four to six weeks. Tony's recovery, according to doctors, is estimated to be a year. We are soliciting your prayers for the healing and speedy recovery of Tony and Eunice, as well as your prayers for the Wright, Purnell, and Joyful Noyze families, as they support the two throughout this procedure. Label executive Carlos Cannon Sr. states, "It is a very delicate surgery that even afterwards, he {Tony} will have a lot restrictions because of the nature of this procedure. Surgical procedures are never easy and to have two immediate family members in an operating room at the same time can be overwhelming. We appreciate your sincere prayers as God carries us all through this ordeal."

Eunice Wright at the Resurrection Center in Wilmington, DE, March 2010, 'I Want God To Get the Glory,' from her debut album, Wait On Me

Wright recently released her sophomore project Worth It All (see review below) in April 2012. The new album features the hit single "Hello God," now is available for download free on the official Eunice Wright website. Worth It All and her debut CD, Wait On Me, are also available for purchase on the official website, as well as on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. For more information contact Joyful Noyze Entertainment at joyfulnoyze1@yahoo.com or visit www.eunicewright.com.

bob marovichBob Marovich is a gospel music historian, radio announcer, and author. In its seventh season, Bob's "Gospel Memories" program of vintage black gospel music and artist interviews airs live first Sundays from 3:00 to 7:30 a.m. on Chicago's WLUW 88.7 FM, and streams live at www.wluw.org. Snippets of recent broadcasts can be heard at www.gospelmemories.com. Bob is also editor of The Black Gospel Blog.



eunice wrightWORTH IT ALL
Eunice Wright
Joyful Noyze Entertainment
Available at www.amazon.com

By Bob Marovich for The Black Gospel Blog

Eunice Wright's tunefully rough, church-soloist voice can transform just about any song into a traditional gospel workout.

And that's pretty much what she does on her latest CD, Worth It All. Recorded live at the Crossroad Christian Church in Dover, Delaware, Worth It All finds Wright in the capable hands of producers William "JB" Bratten III and Jay Bratten for fifty minutes of praise, thanksgiving and encouragement.

On the opener, a praise song called "He's God," Wright saunters in vocally, in medias res, shaking on the gospel spice that was missing from the mix. 

Promo video for Eunice Wright's Worth It All

Praise and worship songs "You are Lord" and "Glory to Your Name" pale in comparison to the lively hip-slapper "Can't Tell It All," the old-school "Change Me," and the encouraging "It Will Work Out," with its can't-miss 12/8 "gospel waltz" rhythm.

The title track is the album's apex and an amalgam that I wish we heard more often. "Worth It All" has a simple melody and lyric, and a conventional P&W atmosphere engulfs the music, but a passionate reading from Wright, combined with thunderous choral support, add the right touch of soulfulness.

Wright's recent single, "Hello God," a melodic greeting to the Most High, is included on Worth It All. The album's sleeper, though, is the concluding track, "You Gave Your Life." This melodic and prayerful ode of thanksgiving to Jesus for giving His life so all can be free is a delightful surprise, and profits from a fervently sung duet by Wright and guest vocalist Tammy Trout.

In the final analysis, Eunice Wright's voice alone is Worth it All.

Picks: "Worth It All," "Hello God."

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