december 2011


Christmas With Johnny Cash

The Christmas episode of The Johnny Cash Show, originally aired December 23, 1970. Guests include the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Ike Everly, Mother Maybelle Carter, Vince Matthews.

Johnny welcomes the episode's guests into the living room and passes a guitar around. The Everly Brothers sing 'Kentucky'; Roy Orbison offers a winsome solo acoustic version of 'Pretty Paper'; and Ike Everly cuts out on "Cannonball Rag."

Mother Maybelle Carter duets with Ike Everly on guitar--she forms the chords and Ike strums; Vince Matthews sings 'Melva's Wine'; Johnny's Dad, Ray Cash, talks about meeting President Nixon and Johnny’s mother, Carrie Cash, plays piano while the ensemble sings ‘Silent Night.’

Johnny and June introduce the infant John Carter Cash to the world in an extended bit and sing a song, ‘Turn Around’ that will be 'repurposed' and released a few years later as ‘Miss Tara,' after another of Cash's children. At the end the entire ensemble sings ‘Little Drummer Boy.’ Happy Holidays!

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